Saturday, May 03, 2003

In my eyes
Your the one, my desire
In my eyes
Theres something about the thing you do
In my eyes
Your the one, my desire
In my eyes
Your the one, who inspires

memories are all i have
when i see your face
it cuts me deep
If i'm always in love
Why do I always fall out
You were the only one
(farewell the ashray girl - Molko4.5.0312:14)

For all your deceptions
and double sided stories
+++++ The awards go to you ++++++
So kiss me hard
************Cause this will be, the last time that I let you **********
your HAIR is everywhere
Screaming Infidelities
Changing your Wares.........................

Thursday, May 01, 2003

You can't always get what you want......


Sleeping with Ghosts

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Am I content?

Am I barking up the wrong tree?

I don't know

time will tell.....

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

we spoke last night
about this, that and everything
was nice
for the first time in weeks
i felt that i was finally
out of the Rip
that had caught me
And thats a great feeling
wrote a new song
chorus *OnceInABlueMoon*
Needs female/male vocals
Thankyou - Sleeping with Ghosts

Monday, April 28, 2003

Sometimes I think
And keep asking that question
I don’t know why
Things just happen
The way that they do

She knows why
And I will ask why?
How do you feel about me
Or – how did you really feel about me?
A puzzling question
Simple to ask
Everything gonna be ok u know

She is stirring, she lights the room
She lit my heart

But i put it out with a bucket of water

Sunday, April 27, 2003

These are my current songs i've written with my brother drew


Phone Love

You tell me
Cause I know
That you love me
Will you reply?
To the message
That I send

What was that you said?
Cause I didn’t understand
A single word!
Is down again

I try to talk to you
Never seem to get through
My connection to you
Is on message-bank again

Is lost again


What is this smell that I can’t discover?
The House reminds me of the others!

When I’m sitting at home
And I’m all alone
Is good to know
That somebody cares

Is there someone there?
Let-yourself be known
You come and go

Is it because the Rent’s so low?
That you think we’ll pack our bags and go?

You come and go

Your Ways

Everyone, having so much fun
No-body knows
Just how far you go

You’re telling everyone
You’re having so much fun
Telling Everyone

But you wear a frown
Always fucking down

Your heart is the only place
That I own
Your heart is the only thing
That I know
I put my deposit down
Moved to your heart
Now I’m broke

Always fucking down

Teen Vs Years

The way you walk
The way you talk
It really bothers me
Too old to know
And too good to be true

Feel too old to know

When your only 19
Can you tell me?
What this means?
Is it because I see

Everything in You
Everything in Me

I’ve only known you
For a short while
But I know
You’ve walked some miles
Maybe in a past life
I’ve walked them all with you?

Everything in You
Everything in Me


Too many questions
Been asked before
I don’t have the answers
No-more, No-more
Something better has come my way
The sun will shine another day
To breakthrough
To breakthrough

Is that really you?
To show me your image

You talk it up so cheap
To show me your image

You are worth nothing
To show me your image

Show me your image

Up for sale
You’re a public display
The world
Revolves around you
Around you
Around you
Something better has come my way
The sun will shine another day
To breakthrough
To breakthrough

Show me your image


You call me your friend
But you talk behind my back
I don’t think that
That we should be
Friends again

He said to her
“Let me prove myself to you!”
She said “I’m sorry, but we’re through”

Cause you
Twist the facts

That makes you a fucking liar

The Worm

Is she the girl of your dreams?
Fictitious romance
Sitting over in the corner
Ready to prance
As I slowly make my move
She looks at me
Her friends tap her on the shoulder
And say I’m a geek

For you and me to do some Break-dance
Another chance?
For you and me to do some Break-dance
But her friends said that I was a geek

Cause I do the Worm

Saw her yesterday

I Smiled

She Smiled

We Smiled..

( :