Thursday, April 03, 2003

* A Poem from *RUBY* ...ENJOY!

inside my old kitchen
was a boy who looked like you
he sang to me on fridays
in another helping of life


but your hands they found me
and they held on tight
you say you are not ready
to fall on top
of a girl like me

youve seen so many things
ive seen them all
dont just let this be
dont hurt yourself
by saying no to me.
It creeps back in sometimes, don’t know why
Questions, feelings and the whole ‘ what if?’ syndrome
I just think, how dare you say that? How could you?
But she did, and I just think ‘ Whatever ‘.
Freedom of speech is important
But positive messages are the way to go
Negativity is such an incestuous thing
I’ve observed it and it’s catchy, like hook line and sinker
Not into it hey.

Generally feeling happy, normal, back to original life
Cause I can’t be mixed up in a crazy world anymore
Doesn’t suit my personality
Creativity drained, and abit devious.
Like I used to be, but I want subtle
Smooth, soft touches
Stroking her hair as she lay next to me, sitting next to me
Her soft hair and beautiful body, a cradle to me
Its complete, seems all put together
Not to be
Fuck I wish life could be different.

Wrote a song about my last house I lived in.
Is there somebody there
Let Yourself be know
You come and go.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

I wanted to see her smile last night.

And I achieved it.

That makes me happy.

That’s all…….(:

Be happy

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Thought about her last night
Lasted about 10 seconds
But I still try and piece together the times I enjoyed
That’s the main thing

She is different though
Like I’ve never met anyone
Quite like her
I listen to her
That’s rare
We share similar interests
But we are both very different
There is a fine line
One I am oh so careful
Not to tread across

But I like the mystique
You hear that girls
Mystique is important!

Anything but
Is sheer transparency

Avoid it
It’s boring

Monday, March 31, 2003

Self Discovery

Art is something I remember I used to do to relieve boredom
Now I use it to escape
Not forgetting the whole ‘chemical in-balance ‘
That goes along with it.
Was thinking to myself, its getting worse and worse
When I am alone all I want to do is conjure up images
Things that mean something to me
Last night I found a photo of ‘her’ and my god.
Its looked just like her once I had finished
I want her to put it on her wall
Images look good on walls, the structure, and the décor.

One of these days I think that’s all I will do
Draw silly pictures and someone can pay me for it
But it’s not about money
Its got a lot to do with my sanity, ask any artist
I look at the world through rose coloured glasses
And its funny how my artistic outlook
Translated over into my personal life

I saw her as an image, and that image appealed to me
But it was what was behind that image that I didn’t like

My images can sometimes be deceiving too, as with any
But what is behind the image is what counts
And mine are of honesty, integrity and humanity.

Gosh, I surprise myself sometime

Sunday, March 30, 2003

The odds are always against me
But thats ok i can take it.
In a strange way at the moment
things are changing for the better
i can feel it.

Her company is much appreciated
and I seem to always look forward to it
In the face of adversity
Not too sure where she is coming from
I've been told,.but not too sure now.

Need a break from it all
sick of it but wanna get over it
eventually i will, these things take time

still thinking of the past sometimes
i guess you need to, helps to re-valuate the future
The future looks good
I wonder, ponder over how different it would be
If she was in my life
Hmm, its a staggering thought
none the less I know that she wants to be happy
Not sure if I could provide that
One things for sure, she wants him to provide that
could be slightly hard
communication is a many wonderous thing
but sometimes the more distant
the closer the better