Tuesday, January 07, 2003

a new beginning
a means to an end.
funny how things turn around. why? who knows why. who cares.

the one thing on my mind is why. what is anything really?

tracing back the past, has got to do some harm
for what, I don't know ; or understand.
One thing is for sure, it has no affect, no harm on me.
strength is important, for myself and her.

i'll do what i want in the end. if it makes me happy
what is it that draws me to the double-edge sword?
because its not safe, but can't be bad either.
like magnatism, hunger and an irresistable force
that compels you to conquer, to reign supreme
Knowing that 'in the end' it doesn't really matter?? does it??

Monday, January 06, 2003

She said " I can't afford to Go "

I said " Borrow some fucking money "

no reply