Saturday, November 16, 2002

alright, enough of the dribbal. Kurt Cobain; the musician, the songwriter, the legacy.
I remember the first time I heard ' Smells like teen spirit' on the radio.I would of been about sixteen years old ( sweet sixteen! not) and driving alongport road with my girlfriend at the time, a girl named ' Kate' and her friend Andrea.Kate's dad was driving and this song with some serious cigarette vocals came on Triple J.
As the song proceeded to play, Kate yelled to her father " Dad, turn it up; thats Nirvana!!' To be completly honest, the song didn't do that much for me at the time until............I saw the video on TV and was utterly converted.

Album sales, t'shirts and even a Nirvana Cover band that I formed with my Bro and some others; Nirvana, for me were the best band in the world. Why you ask?, because this was a band that everyone could identify with. And all because of the way Kurt sang, played and the un-destructable Dave Grohl witht the fluid basslines of Krist Noveselic. A tight band that had done their fair share of hard yards around the Aberdeen, Seatle area. Imagine living in that country, that state when all of a sudden a local band had sold a million records in one week ! Its like here in Adelaide, if we had 'this' band that I personally haven't seen yet, that could all of a sudden be radio stars within weeks!! Dream on...

These things happen in places that no-body would even think. And because of the population in other countries, the tendancy for that to happen is far greater. Unfortnate but true- take heed.

Now they bring back Kurt with ' You know you're right'. A song that his widow hung onto until Dave and Krist just made peace with her again and realised that they ' were all in it together' whether that be musical, mateship or love. I've told a couple of people my theory in regards to the throne of Kurt Cobain. It boils down to proberly must innocent person out of the above mentioned; Francis Bean Cobain.

I predict Francis Bean will grow, be nurtured bu her mother and eventually- perform and and release recorded versions of her fathers songs. Ok, not all. being around artists and creative people, she's prone to become a little similar to everyone else. In the fact that Francis would have that 'natural knack' for music. Its undeniable, as if she would already be able to play some sort of musical instrument !!, Kids start young these days and I remember hearing her mother in an interview saying how Francis would sit side of stage at her mothers shows with huge earmuffs on and clap to the music. Need I say anymore????!!???

let the sounds guide you, after all, Kurts Music is here again to be enjoyed.
And enjoy it we do.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

doesn't it suck when you can'y have the one you want ?
I hate it. I wanted her badly even though I knew that I shouldn't
and then SHE came along and I couldn't have her because she was had by someone else
Just when i thought i was ok, She came back and I wanted her again
but she didn't want me, then she DID want me
but i didn't want her, then I did want her again
Now she definately doesn't want me because she is seeing some cocksmoker - fuck that

ah, fuck it - they can all get a fucking dick in their ears......
couldn't be arsed with it all, couldn't be fucked..fuckn , shit fuck shit.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

With this ring, I am surrendering to you......

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

There is so much more than meets the eye
Its only when our eyes meet that there is so much more

Monday, November 11, 2002

I think I know what I like
and what I don't like

And what I like is good.

Sunday, November 10, 2002

And the point is?
There is no point
Only faceless lies that I am sick of
It gets to boiling point sometimes
when i feel like i'm going to over-heat
but i remain calm and collected
There is no point to that
Wondering, caring - its all fucking bullshit
its all going to stop
this angst
this fucked up scenario -- fuck it all.