Thursday, October 03, 2002

Soon, my drums will be on the radio.....again.

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

' I'm only happy when it rains '

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Its Mollies Birthday today !!

Happy Birthday Mollie ! You are a rock god !!......

The hook has been considered for a festival -- funny that, we're over as !!! ... (:

Have organised my next night at the Rhino room
* laken and Sam from Angelik
* Edison Unplugged
* Heath from Your Motive 4
* Tom Spall from J-DED

Big Ups to The G-Man, Pwacker for da stash........Recognise !! (:
Melbourne was great, Lazaro's Dog pumped in Prahran on Friday, I was a drunken
zombie all night.. Saturday at the espy, The dog played in the front bar. Not exactly
the best place to play, but it was a gig and everyone pissed themselves with laughter.

saw my mate Shache yesterday and his wife Rachel at the QEH. He looked really
sick, I'm praying for a miracle. I think everyone is. Its really depressed me..
I remember when I played footy with him, he was fit and athletic. Now he's bed ridden
and has a million fucking tubes hanging out of him..its totally fucked ! ):

moms house got busted into today by some petty fucking criminals. fuckers