Wednesday, September 25, 2002

One more hour till home-time.....yay.... had enough of today
and very rarely do I think like that..most of the time I enjoy
being here at work..

got my monthly rock solo show @ The Rhino Room tonight
should be fun because i will be getting highly drunk... and
do some MC work !! yeah !

Anyway, my last entry before I go to Melbourne.. For anyone
interested, I'll 'try' to do an update on Saturday.. see how pissed
I get first..

Ciao !
Dodgy Day today, just found out that a mate of mine Lawrence has two weeks to live.

my father told me last night. He's only in his 30's.

You know, if you think life is that bad....don't. Other people have it worse than you.
Cheers G, You da bomb.........

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

G man: there u go Kemps... looks a lot snazzier with this funky green brackets design... now go hard young man. go really hard. bam!
Hopefully everyone got my email about the new site....... thats great

As I was saying, I will be in Melbourne on Holiday with the Lazaro's Dog guys
They have two shows over the weekend
1. The Duke of Windsor on the Friday with Dragon Fly
2. The Esplanade Hotel with 40 other bands ..... ( Great Pub, tossy staff )

So I plan to get very wasted and fucked up........

On the Saturday ( Grand Final Day ) I'll try to get on line with an update....
Got my cousin in my office today. She's 16
doing work experience in the Child Care Centre
on the next floor

She works at Target.

Two Years time we'll throw her an 18th and she
will be getting very drunk........

oh yeah
I'm new to This, still trying to work it all out....... oh yeah

Hey Everyone
Thanks to the G-Man for This....... He's a living on-line legend.......

Now for some Poo-Tang !

so i went out and created a web site for kempy coz he sure is trigger happy with that keyboard. there you go kemps, rock n roll!